City of scents and aromas

Holzminden with its 22,000 inhabitabts is the county seat . The former farming community in the surroundings of the idyllic upper Weser River region and the rolling hills of the Solling Forest has developed into a prosperous industrial location.

Holzminden is the German center of the scent and aroma industry, which can be experienced on a walk along the scented route through town . Also , the electronics, computer chip, glass and packaging industries are well represented, and the Stiebel Eltron company produces the most modern and economical heating systems in Holzminden .

The local beer “ Weserbegland Gold “ has been brewed since 1854 at the Allersheim Brewery on the outskirts of Holzminden.

In spite of that , the town has retained its historical charm, as represented by the “ Tilly House “ for example , the nearby Weser Renaissance Castle in bevern and the oldest School of Architecture in Germany , the HAWK located in the town center.

Holzminden has a lot to offer, we look forward to welcome you!